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Find out how MedDNA is best tool for clinic management.

MedDNA is an online portal for doctors to acquire new patients and retain the existing ones. It aims to provide better healthcare experience to both doctors and patient, by simplifying day to day clinic work.

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Why Choose MedDNA

Online Profile

MedDNA online profile contains doctors and their respective clinics information, which make you easily discoverable by patients and helps you increase your market reach. Personal profile will contain details like your qualification, specialization, clinic information and schedule. Over all it is personal page representing doctors portfolio.


Paperless prescription allows similar functionality to traditional method of writing prescription on paper, with much more features. Such as it is electronically saved, can easily be referred in future visit, shared with other doctors for second opinion and much easier for record keeping.


Patient can easily search for doctors in any locality with respect to their needs using any of the available devices through web and mobile application. Looking upon doctors details and schedule, an appointment can be booked online, additionally a patient can reschedule if required.

Bulk SMS

MedDNA provides mechanism to configure system to send out bulk SMS, which can be for marketing purposes or reminders to patient. It also intimate users about any information that is updated regarding their appointment or health history.


Give automated bills to patients which will be always accessible to doctors through MedDNA account. Ready to take printout bills is very handy for clinic management. Calculate daily, monthly, yearly income of clinic easily.

Best for small clinic

Our Pricing Model is best for both small and big clinics. Paperless health records and clinic management modules, gives you time to concentrate on patients better. Daily appointments, patients and other tasks can be managed very efficiently.

Aiming To Connect Four Pillars Of Healthcare

MedDNA is mobile and web portal for doctors and patients which helps in digitization of clinical process. Patients can search doctors easily, book appointment online, maintain health documents and prescriptions (EHR) whereas Doctors can use it for writing prescriptions, managing appointments, to connect with patients, review their health documents, etc. It is useful for all the medical practitioners like Dentist, Pediatrician, General Physicians, Gynecologist, Ayurvedic, Homeopath, etc. It ease the appointment management for Clinic by automatically sending reminders via emails and SMS to patients.